Artist Statement

About Anna Whitworth

Anna Whitworth

Photo by Mark The Sky

I have been creating pottery for as long as I can remember. I mess around in other mediums, but clay is my passion. I started creating horse hair pottery about 24 years ago. I was a college student at the time and had read an article that mentioned 'animal hair pottery'. I asked my instructor about it, and will always remember her response, “You know the variables: fire, clay, figure it out.”. Although I walked away grumbling, her not so helpful response was such a gift. I made 100 tiny test pots and just kept firing away until I figured it out. The trial-and-error process allowed me to establish my own unique primitive firing technique that incorporates Mother Natures touch to add a third dimension of color that the fire and wood provide. Since that day, I’ve never stopped creating horse hair pottery and I learn something new every time I fire.

I live in beautiful Middle Tennessee with my husband Dave (aka my roadie), my two kids (just a drive away), my horse, and two dogs. No better support team ever existed.

Thankful would be an understatement that I get to create merging my passions of art and horses. I cross paths with so many amazing people and am provided with such unique opportunities. I travel Nationwide sharing my artwork to multiple markets including, the art world, Native American venues, as well as Equine events.  I will always create with gratitude and a deep appreciation for the rich Native American history of horse hair pottery. I will continue to do my best to respectfully honor their contribution to the art.

In my spare time I create art programs for Tennessee State Parks, I teach Art, and provide art demonstrations at local schools, senior centers, and shelters.

I get to do this!