Henry Horton State Park Art Hunt! Ready, set, go...

Ready, Set, Go...

Are you ready for an outdoor challenge? Well put on your hiking shoes, grab your water bottle, and head to Henry Horton State Park because we're going on an Art hunt!

To kick off the 2023 hiking season I have created 23 terracotta clay textured Poplar tree leaves for you to find. Get it? 23 leaves for 2023. Each leaf created is numbered (1-23). It will also have a park identification marking, and my signature on the back of the piece. The attached hang tag on the leaf has a QR code to link you to my website to check in for clues or to post that you've found a leaf. Leaf finders checking in will let other leaf hunters know how many are left to be found and it will let everyone know when this year's Art Hunt has ended. I will post clues on my blog such as close up pictures of the 23 locations, or maybe a hint on a map where they might be hidden. I haven't decided on the clues yet, but your input is welcome!

The leaves will be distributed in discrete locations throughout the park's marked hiking trails for you to find. If you prevail and happen to find one, check in at my Studio Dirt Blog at my website with the leaf number and which trail you found it on. And if you e-mail me a picture of your leaf, or you with your leaf, I'd love to post it. Your picture will be posted on my social media as well as the Henry Horton's social sites to make sure that you get your bragging rights:)! 

Your search skills will be rewarded with your art find as my gift to you! Wait, it doesn't stop there. Not only do you get to keep the leaf to remind you of your hiking adventure at Henry Horton State Park, the park would love to reward your search efforts with a free soft drink at the restaurant. Just check in at the camp store, visitor's center, or hotel, to claim your ticket to hydrate after your grueling search! You just have to flash your ticket to the host, and they'll take care of the rest.

Much thought and care has gone into the creation of these leaves. It is important to both the park and myself that this challenge does not compromise the park's natural surroundings in any way. The leaves are made of terracotta clay, which is a naturally occurring material, the tags are made of hemp and recycled/biodegradable brown paper, and the information on the tags are sealed with bee's wax. Leaf no trace. See what I did there;)

Why did I select the Tulip Poplar leaf? I'm so glad that you asked! The Tulip Poplar tree (Liriodendron Tulipifera) is the Tennessee State tree! It was designated the state tree of Tennessee in 1947. It was chosen because of its historical uses by pioneers to build with as well as its homeopathic uses for ointments, teas, and elixirs. The average lifespan of a Tulip Poplar is 200-250 years! It is the tallest of North American hardwood trees and can grow up to 150' tall. Because of its valued offerings it was frequently used by pioneers for constructing houses, barns, and canoes. It has historically served us well and so deserves to be revered as the Tennessee State Tree!

 So now it's time to hit those trails!

Happy hunting!!!


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