2023 In Full Swing!


The closing of 2022 was one for the books. Dave and I were blessed with our(my) very first Grandchild. I have a Granddaughter now that I get to adore forever. Oh, the trouble we'll stir up and the adventures we'll have. She's pretty fabulous and from this point forward I will be known as 'Tootsie', or 'Toots' for short. Yes, there's a story there.

This past Fall, my artwork was awarded with Best of Show at the Bell Buckle Art Show. It's a big show and was judged by a pretty heavy hitter judging team. Although they are always nice, I do not create for accolades. This one hit me differently. Staying afloat during Covid was not easy. There were many times I thought I was closing shop. Coming out of it to this acknowledgement was a lovely validation that my art is still relevant, and I was still standing.  I am humbled and thrilled to be entering the new year with a plethora of new ideas and opportunities.

To start the new year Mother Nature's cold and moisture has me at a bit of a stand still. Not to worry, there are still plenty of pending tasks at hand! 

As my artwork is always evolving, so is my calendar. I am doing less traveling this year and staying busy locally. I say that now, but who knows what's ahead. I have some wonderful new programs and workshops being offered at Tennessee State Parks that I'm really excited about. I am also full of new ideas for my artwork. I can't wait to implement every creative idea that pops me out of my sleep at 2:00 a.m. My mind is in overdrive, and I love it. 

Number one on this year's task list, first and foremost are my clients and my horsehair pottery. I am profoundly grateful for my collectors and the unique access that my customers give me into their very personal relationships with their beloved animals. Fulfilling their requirements is always my top priority. 2023 will also Include tutorials and Studio insights.

It always makes me crazy when I see reels or tutorials with potters wearing white shirts with perfect make-up and long manicured nails. Or impeccably clean studios with only the most expensive tools. Ugh, seriously??!  In reality it's more like Clay in your hair, dried-out hands. It's some homemade tools that other potters shared with you, it's late nights with a glass of wine belting out a song, Its learning from your failures, its trial and error, its joy, its raw creativity, and its authentic. And this will be the way I will share my space with you. I invite you to take it all in and hopefully learn something along the way.

May this year bring us all amazing adventures, over the top joy, great love, amazing health, and constant gratitude for everything ahead!

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