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Letter from anna

Hi All!

I gotta tell you this year has been a complete roller coaster ride. I have gone from wondering if I was going to be able to sustain to basking in all of it. What a year it has been. I often think of how lucky I am that I get to create art that has such an impact on people. I can honestly tell you that I can’t think of another artist that gets to hear how moved a client is because they have a piece of art that helps them remember such a sacred relationship. Or just loves their artwork because of the unique technique and story behind it. Any time that I have thought that it might be time to maybe give up my art and get back into the corporate world, I immediately get a moving phone call or e-mail from someone that received their art and were moved to tears, or needed it to help them mend. And back to the studio I go. I probably will be doing this forever, or for as long as my body allows. I am humbled by all of it.

As much as I love every aspect of what I do, I absolutely could not function without so many people. The kids and Dave help out all the time in so many ways. You’ll often see Trevor or Cassi working my booth at shows. Frequently, I am dog-tired fried after a show and here come my reinforcements, they magically show up like the cavalry. Also, my webmaster Heidi, she absolutely works miracles, gently prods me with reminders (like getting this letter out), never misses a beat when I need something (no matter how busy she is or if it’s the 11th hour when I ask), and makes me look good. And my customers, you plant so many ideas in my head with the simplest suggestion of ‘What if you did this… Poof, I’m up at two o’clock in the morning working out a bigger version of a new idea. I can not thank you enough for your input, suggestions, and correspondences. Thank you for your business, for suggesting my art to others, for letting me know how my art impacts you, and for trusting me. So often I find that my customers turn into friends.

So in closing I want you to know how much I appreciate however you contribute to my work.  I absolutely know that I am blessed, and not one moment do I take it for granted.

I hope that you have a blessed holiday season, and that you are surrounded by much love and great presents!

God bless,


About The Artist

Anna lives with her family and has her studio in Middle Tennessee. 
She fell in love with the clay medium early on and after studying many areas, has developed her own unique version of the Horse Hair technique. 
She divides her time between family, her horse responsibilities, creating, traveling, and volunteering. In her studio she has created art for a vast assortment of clients both locally and internationally from the art world, the canine world, the equine industry, and well as the Native American culture.
 Anna has been involved with horses for most of her life. She is a certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor, and has a program that teaches children acceptance; how to interact with people with disabilities. Her studio is always open for learning and exploration.
"I have been very blessed to be able to do what truly moves me, and I plan to pay it forward."

Introducing......Shining Royal Bliss
I have been blessed to acquire a Quarter Horse Palomino who is one year old. She is doing great and brings me more joy than you can ever imagine.




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